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Da Books


All of these books are free to read, download, plaigerize, or otherwise digest! You can even buy them!

Dr. Mezmer's Dictionary of Bad Psychology
Bad psychology dictionary for a muddled and often dumb science with definitions for all the psychology terms you've known and not loved.
Dr. Mezmer's Psychopedia of Bad Psychology


Everything you didn't want to know and more about your favorite non science 'science'.  A bad, misleading, disrepectful, and somewhat accurate education in itself!


Bollix and Lucilius are brilliant engineers who just happen to be robots. Called "mech-anics" (because they can construct practically anything at will), they are motivated to be prophets and to turn a profit, and are capable of almost God-like exploits. They bound about the cosmos meeting challenges, solving problems, and being by turns robotic hero-sages, and all-round nuisances and fools. These are their dumb adventures.
Who Dat!
An unlikely super-hero from Chalmatia, the land that time forgot, and on purpose. Follow Who Dat as he saves his beloved Saynts from sudden death, confronts the Dark Lord Nutria and the Mudball of Doom, MS Skynet and the Microbesoft Nuclear Cloud, the dreaded Chi-Borgs, the all powerful middle aged suburban housewives, and Coach Sayban and the five super bowl rings of power, and all before lunch!
IT Bytes!
Rude and ironic essays on information technology and the bobble heads who invent, maintain, and consume it.

Star Trek meets Gullivers Travels, along with parallel universes, alcoholic AI, evil Russians, galactic empires, death stars, shoe mobiles, lusty Amazon space babes, virtual realities, planet hopping, space cadets in mini-skirts, Florida State spaceships, Wal Mart shoppers, God, and everyone dies at the end.

The Book of Rest: The Odd Psychology of Doing       Nothing
The psychology of rest from the perspective of the neuroscience of of learning and affect. An explanation of what rest is, how to rest, how to keep it up, and why rest is the source of all happiness.
A Mouse's Tale: A Practical Explanation and Handbook of Motivation from the Perspective of a Humble Creature
An explanation from affective neuroscience of how motivation works and a handbook to show you how it works, from individuals to groups to societies, and how to make it work for you
B 2   The Old Art and New Science of the Business Network 
Social and business networks explained from the perspective of classical and behavioral economics, and how to design and use them for personal and societal betterment.
One Track Minds: The Surprising Psychology of the Internet
The psychology of the internet, and it effects on people, society, and what it holds for our future.
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