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Bad Psychology Definition of the Day

Useful Idiot: A follower of a political, social, or economic principle that embodies policies that achieve its opposite, but does not seem contrary to you, since you are an idiot. You are however useful to the political, religious, or marketing schemer who accepts your vote, tithe, or purchase for a solution that leaves you enslaved, deluded, or broke. (See: Liberal, conservative, organized religion, cell phone plan)

For any pressing social, economic, or political problem, the solution is likely complex, nuanced, and requires a bit of attention and an IQ a few points above a turnip. Sadly, such an understanding does not apply to most humans, who are stupid, of if they are not, can’t be bothered. So we end up with border walls, Medicare for all, trade wars, holy wars, college loans and other sure fire nostrums for our ills and other complaints that make you useful to the political, religious, or corporate class, and renders your problems unsolved, and you worse off. Is remedied by going beyond the label to read the fine print, a chronic incapacity of idiots.

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