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I am Spartacus!

Its 71 BC, and the Romans just rounded up the last of those pesky gladiator rebels led by Spartacus, that mean spirited troll who said and did many nasty things to the Romans. Naturally, they were very ‘cross’ with him, and not having a proper photo ID, asked the real Spartacus to stand up and apologize. All of the captives summarily rose up and said they were Spartacus. Apology accepted, and then they were crucified anyways, with their crosses lining the Appian way.

Speed forward to the present day, and if you are a rebellious troll who said something nasty sometime in your pitiful life, you too will be crucified, virtually that is, and your career, reputation, and YouTube spot will be burned to the ground, apology not accepted. The PC radar is unerringly precise, something the Roman’s sadly lacked, and the only way to get around it is to jam it, so that when a google search looks for your faux pas, it will discover everybody’s, who like all the faux Spartacus’ of yesteryear, have to be crucified. Well, I for one am all in, and hereby found the ‘I am Spartacus’ movement for social justice and collective social suicide.

To join the ‘I am Spartacus’ movement, each of us should place the follow phrase in their social media feed.

Just say ‘I hate: blacks, transexuals, republicans, jews, Brazilians, Atlanta Falcons fans, or anybody from San Francisco', or you name it. Lather up and do this once a day. Soon the PC radar will be jammed with millions of malefactors who will soon have a cross to bear, which believe me, is a whole lot better than having to put up with this cancel culture nonsense for another minute.

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