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My Scandalous Take on LBGTQ+

I don’t care. Not interested. No opinion. Don’t want to talk about it.

And I think nearly all folks feel the same way.

Private sexual behavior is to no one’s interest, just as no one cares what our neighbors eat, drink, or mumble in private. It is none of our business, and we don’t care. In fact, even the settings that are the exclusive province of private behavior have an equal disinterest in popular culture. I am not talking about bedrooms, but bathrooms. Name one genre in popular entertainment that even mentions bathrooms, let alone make them a setting for a dramatis personae! Indeed, no one has to go, or excuse themselves to go, or even seem to need to go in any of the media of popular culture from tic tock videos to videos on IMAX. Does that mean that we abhor natural bodily functions and the places we employ them? Nope, it just means that we don’t care.

So private behavior is to no one’s interest, so why are the sexual minority, and I’m talking about 5% of the population here, so riled up about it? It’s because private behavior once revealed can encourage public prejudice, but how do you separate prejudice from simple judgement? I would argue that it is not prejudice, but preference that is the predominant issue here, yet finding prejudice everywhere is a good way of avoiding responsibility for other reasons why people don’t like you, such as a lack of talent, personality, or drive. Indeed, while improving your own shortcomings, why not share your pain by improving the short comings of others, who have to suffer reeducation, affirmative action, forced apologies, and listening to you whine? Grievance after all is now an industry, and grievance can produce counter grievance which reinforces this silly business in a vicious circle.

An Affair to Not Remember

As for the representation of alternative sexual lifestyles, we avoid it because we’re just not into it. That Civil War dalliance between Scarlett and Melanie died on the vine because the public, by and large, did not care. Heterosexuals could care less about the sexuality of their stars, but for romance, just give them Cark Gable and Vivian Leigh every time.

As for the rest, frankly, I don’t give a damn.

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