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Netflix and Buridan's ass

Choices, Choices!

In Aesops's fable of Buridan's ass, an ass walks between two equidistant bales of hay. Indecisive as to which bale to eat, he starved to death. In yesteryear, it was easy to make rational choices because choices were few and distinct. Nowadays they are plentiful and similar, painfully so. Case in point are the coming plethora of streaming services, which will give us infinite choices, and infinite reasons to be indecisive and confused.

In the last decade, we suffered through a hundred channels and nothing to watch, and in the future we will have a million videos available, and also nothing to watch. A remedy to all this. turn off the TV and read a book from your personal library, which although for most of us numbers only two or three volumes, represents a far easier choice than between a million videos or even two bales of hay.

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