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Today, The Earth Stood Still

What the world needs now is Gort, sweet Gort

In 1951, the aliens had a better idea towards war.

Decapitate the aggressor, kill him.

And it would be automatic, robotic.

Built into the system like an antivirus program in a computer.

Burning the aggressor to a cinder is one way, and if the aggressor is one individual, you could target and burn him to a crisp.

With the precision arms we have now, it would have been easy to take out a Stalin, Hitler, or Mao with a missile strike. It would be just as easy to take out Putin, if not for the nuclear button.

It is a reasonable solution when the aggressor has no nuclear armament, and one the free world must consider.

If not, when one of those flying saucers circling the globe lands, we know what the aliens will likely say, and a nuclear button would be no deterrent.

Klaatu's Speech from the movie 'The day the earth stood still' as prescient now as then

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